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फ़ाइल का संस्करण
crlctlintl.dllCommon Controls Library Resources (64-Bit)
crlctlwpf (2).dllCrlCtlWPF17.0.0.491179.31kb.
crlcui.dllCorel Color UI Library (64-Bit)
crlcuiintl.dllCorel Color UI Library Resources (64-Bit)
crldocanalyzer.dllCorel Document Analysis Manager (64-Bit)
crlfom.dllFill and Outline Manager Library (64-Bit)
crlfomui.dllFill and Outline User Interface Library (64-Bit)
crlfrmwk.dllCommon UI Framework Library (64-Bit)
crlfrmwkintl.dllCommon UI Framework Library Resources (64-Bit)
crlfui.dllCorel Import/Export Filter Dialogs (64-Bit)
crlfx.dllCorel User Interface (64-Bit)
crlfx3d.dll3D Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxadjusttrans.dllBitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxartstrokes.dllArt Stroke Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxblur.dllBlur Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxclrtrans.dllColor Transformation Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxcontour.dllContour Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxcontrols.dllCrlFXControls Windows Dynamic Link Library (64-Bit)
crlfxcontrolsintl.dllCrlFXControls Windows Dynamic Link Library (64-Bit)
crlfxcreative.dllCreative Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxcustom.dllCustom Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxdistort.dllDistort Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxeffectsintl.dllBitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxintl.dllCorel User Interface (64-Bit)
crlfxnoise.dllNoise Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxphoto.dllPhotographic Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxrender.dllRender Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxsharpen.dllSharpen Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crlfxtexture.dllTexture Bitmap Effects (64-Bit)
crli18n.dllGlobalization Utilities Library (64-Bit)
crli18nintl.dllGlobalization Utilities Resources (64-Bit)
crlimgtoolbox.dllCorel Imaging Toolbox Engine (64-Bit)
crlinterop (2).dllCorel Interop Library (64-Bit)
crlitbclient.dllCorel Draw Client Services for the Imaging Toolbox Engine (64-Bit)
crliui.dllCorel User Interface (64-Bit)
crllshape.dllSmart Shape Engine Library (64-Bit)
crlmath.dllCorel Math Library (64-Bit)
crlpdfimport.dllCorel PDF Import Filter (64-Bit)
crlppd.dllCorel PPD Manager DLL (64-Bit)
crlpref.dllCorel Preferences Engine (64-Bit)
crlpreflight.dllCorel Preflight Engine (64-Bit)
crlpreflightintl.dllCorel Preflight Engine Resources (64-Bit)
crlsiv.dllCrlSIV Windows Dynamic Link Library (64-Bit)
crlsivintl.dllCrlSIV Resources (64-Bit)
crltransient.dllCorel Transient System Library (64-Bit)
crlutils.dllBase utility library (64-Bit)
crlutl.dllCommon Utilities Library (64-Bit)
crlutlintl.dllCommon Utilities Library Resources (64-Bit)
crlutlwpf (2).dllCrlUtlWPF17.0.0.491124.31kb.
crlutlwpf.xmlserializers (2).dll17.0.0.49118.3kb.
crlvect.dllVectorization Utilities Library (64-Bit)
crlvectintl.dllVectorization Resource DLL (64-Bit)
crlweb.dllWeb Utilities Library (64-Bit)
crlwebintl.dllWeb Utilities Library (64-Bit)
croptool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Crop Tool (64-Bit)
croptoolintl.dllCorel Graphics Applications Crop Tool Component Resources (64-Bit)
cvtoptions.dllConversion Option Passing Library (64-Bit)
databinding.dllDataBinding library (64-Bit)
dcpcunlr.dllDCPCUNLR (64-Bit)
dcraw.dllDCRaw Dynamic Link Library17.0.0.491315.34kb.
dimension.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsDimension (64-Bit)
dimensionintl.dllCorel Graphics Applications Dimension Tool Resources (64-Bit)
dimension_core.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsDimension Core (64-Bit)
directshowlib-2005.dllDirectShow Net Library
.NET Interfaces for calling DirectShow. See http://directshownet.sourceforge.net/
distortiontool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Distortion Tool Library (64-Bit)
docinfotool.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsDocInfo Tool (64-Bit)
docinfotoolintl.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsDocInfo Tool Component Resources (64-Bit)
drawintl.dllCorelDRAW Resources (64-Bit)
dropshadowtool.dllCorel Graphics Applications DropShadow Tool Library (64-Bit)
drpcunlr (2).dllDRPCUNLR (64-Bit)
drwbrushtoolcore.dllCorel Graphics Applications Brush Tool Core Library (64-Bit)
drwroughentool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Roughen Tool Library (64-Bit)
dsrdr20.dllCorel Designer Renderer (64-Bit)
dunzip32.dllDynaZIP-32 Multi-Threading UnZIP DLL4.00.04114.33kb.
ellipsetool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Ellipse Tool Library (64-Bit)
ellipsetoolcore.dllCorel Graphics Applications Ellipse Tool Core Library (64-Bit)
envpersptool.dllCorel Graphics Applications EnvPersp Tool Library (64-Bit)
erasertool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Eraser Tool Library (64-Bit)
erasertoolcore.dllCorel Graphics Applications Eraser Tool Core Library (64-Bit)
excelexport.dllPerfectFit Excel Converter (64-Bit)
excelimport.dllPerfectFit Excel Converter (64-Bit)
exportpreview.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsExport Preview (64-Bit)
exportpreviewintl.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsExport Preview Tool Component Resources (64-Bit)
extrudetool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Extrude Tool Library (64-Bit)
eyedroppertool.dllCorel Graphics Applications EyeDropper Tool Library (64-Bit)
eyedroppertoolcore.dllCorel Graphics Applications EyeDropper Tool Core Library (64-Bit)
filltool.dllCorel Graphics Applications Fill Tool Library (64-Bit)
filltoolcore.dllCorel Graphics Applications Fill Tool Core Library (64-Bit)
filltoolintl.dllCorel Graphics ApplicationsFill Tool Component Resources (64-Bit)
fn3api.dllBitstream Font Navigator SDK17, 0, 0, 49175.84kb.
fn3init.dllBitstream Font Navigator Initialization (64-Bit)
fn3res.dllResource DLL17, 0, 0, 49166.83kb.
fppcunlr.dllFPPCUNLR x3212.0.0.988.33kb.
freehandtool.dllCorel Graphics Applications FreeHand Tool Library (64-Bit)
fuiintl.dllCorel Import/Export Filter Dialogs Resource Dll (64-Bit)
graphicsimport.dllPerfectFit Core Conversion DLL (64-Bit)
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